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Fitness: Ambitions, Success, and Failures

An Update

So if any of you have spent even one minute around me lately you would have noticed some slight differences:

  • More Nike than Honey Birdette;
  • Slightly less of me (weight-wise);
  • Maybe I look in the mirror ‘more often’ than I used to;
  • And most importantly a bigger smile!

I have been working hard now for the previous two months and a bit.  Waking up at 5:00am or in some instances just not going to bed until 10:00am so I can get in an early morning exercise session at least once a week.  I’ve always heard people say this (but now I say it): Gruelling as it is at the time, afterwards I feel ten fold better.  No pain no gain.

So my ambition was to change my lifestyle and become a healthier and happier person.  Here is a progress update.


Nope!  I hate this word.

Areas for improvement 


  • My body clock and sleeping patterns are still ridiculous.
  • I still order uber-eats more often than not.  However, looking at my previous orders there are a few more sashimi boxes and salads.
  • My Dan Murphey’s membership is still active.


In my eyes at least!

  • Learning that apparently ‘ropes’ have all sorts of good uses apart from tying me up.  ‘Battle Ropes’ is one of the hardest but most rewarding high intensity exercises I have been taught recently.
  • Smiling every time I walk by a mirror naked.
  • Choosing to run (jog… ehh … roll haha) in my spare time instead of couch surfing.
  • Being active and social by joining a group exercise class.
  • Feeling better every day!

So it has been a tough two or so months but the rewards both physically and mentally are starting to appear and I look forward to more soon.

Never give up, always aim high, and do what makes you happy!  I have a feeling 2021 is going to be an amazing year for Kate Wu.


Kate Wu xx

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