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So ladies and mainly gentlemen, for those who have met me you will know I am a shiraz girl.  I shop at Dan Murphy’s and I order by the box.  Shiraz is well known for being bold and full bodied.  It reminds me of myself in some ways.  After an exciting and eventful night there are few things I enjoy more than the aromas of a decent shiraz.  Well maybe the strong flavours as they titillate my taste buds.

Drinking shiraz is about the full sensual experience.  It is a brief moment where life’s problems seem to fade away and my only concern is figuring out how to make the most of it.


I came across this little gem by chance as it was heavily discounted at Dan Murphy’s online store.  Discounted wine is always tempting but I always prefer quality of quantity .  I must admit I took a bit of a chance on this 2013 shiraz and ordered 12 bottles.  However, after enjoying my first taste at 4:00am in the morning I was instantly hooked.  The intense berry flavours and lingering sweetness are the perfect way to end a night.

Feel free to come over and see me and we can share a bottle as we intimately get to know each other.  Hope to see you soon.

Kate Wu xo.

Sydney escort wine review

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