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Size Six Kicks


So lately I have been calling myself a Foxy Pocket Rocket.  You are all probably aware that English isn’t my first language.  Having done my best to learn the language I have always struggled with slang.  So when someone first called me a “Pocket Rocket” I just stared dimly and said thank you.  First time I have done that in a while!

Anyway, apparently it means I am on the smaller side but have a bucket load of sexual energy in the bedroom.  I guess I have always known I am little short (very busty though), however it really sunk in when I pulled out my size six Nike’s today for my first exercise session!

So I’ve been thinking about all the ups and downs of being short:


  1. Twice and many steps as taller people;
  2. Foot stall required for the upper shelves of my wardrobe;
  3. Difficulty to see in Crowds.


  1. Ample leg room on public transport;
  2. No risk of hitting my head on anything dangerous;
  3. High can easily be adjusted by sexy heals;
  4. Someone told me the Small Asian girl fetish is common.

Well, I’m glad that’s down in writing and I can turn my thoughts to something a bit more serious.  Hope to see you tonight!

Kate Wu xx

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