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The Night Shift

It is probably no surprise for you to hear that working nights is one of the requirements for an Asian Sydney escort.  And yes this means I get my beauty sleep during the day.  And yes it means I miss out of some of the things that most people take for granted.  Take lunch as an example – I sometimes call this breakfast!

However, living the night life does have some advantages.  People I meet have usually finished work for the day, and for this reason alone are stress free and happier.  Traffic does not exist at 3:00am in the morning and for that reason driving is truly and enjoyable exercise.  Finding somewhere exciting to have “dinner” at 4:00am can be challenging but always rewarding.  

There is one thing that I absolutely cherish above everything else.  And that is always being awake to watch the sunrise.  On calm pleasant mornings you can often find me strolling one of Sydney’s amazing beaches.  Sometimes I juststop and gaze into the ocean, absorb the vast array of colours illuminating from the sun, and think how lucky I am. 


 sydney escort sunrise

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